March 2nd, 2012: Office Space (1999)

Cast and Crew: Mike Judge (Writer/Director); Diedrich Bader,  Gary Cole, Stephen Root, John C. McGinley, Orlando Jones

What It’s About: Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) hates his job so much that he agrees to be hypnotized into not caring about it anymore.  When the hypnotist (Michael McShane) dies in the middle of the session without releasing him, Peter no longer cares about the petty concerns of his office and does whatever he can to get fired.  Strangely, this put puts him at the top of the heap when the firm begins downsizing and allows him to finally make time with the over-stressed waitress of his dreams (Jennifer Aniston).  When Peter finds out his friends Michael Bolton (David Herman) and Samir Nagheenanajar (Ajay Naidu) will be laid off, the trio comes up with a less-than-brilliant plan to enact revenge and get rich in the process.

Why Watch it Today?: Today is Employee Appreciation Day, and what better way to celebrate than with a film that captures the ludicrous hell of cubicle life?  Anyone who has worked with morons, managed an unbearable and overbearing boss, listened to co-workers petty and idiotic complaints, dealt with ludicrous paper work, or watched as slackers manage to get ahead while hard workers are punished will find plenty to laugh at here.

Where to Get It:  Rent it from iTunes, Netflix or watch it or buy it at

The Trailer:

One comment on “March 2nd, 2012: Office Space (1999)

  1. theelderj says:

    Probably a perfect movie.

    Added ‘ass-clown’ to my working vocabulary.

    I know I probably made you watch it more than once.

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