December 28th, 2012: Truck Turner (1974)


Cast and Crew:  Jonathan Kaplan (Director); Fred Weintraub (Producer); Yaphet Kotto, Alan Weeks, Sam Laws, Charles Cyphers, Scatman Crothers, Dick Miller, Stan Shaw

What It’s About: After he kills a pimp named Gator (Paul Harris) in self-defense, skip-tracer “Truck” Turner (Isaac Hayes) must fight for his life when madame Dorinda (Nichelle Nichols) offers up her stable of high-class prostitutes to any pimp that kills Turner.

Why Watch it Today?: Nichelle Nichols turns 70 today.  Dorinda is one of Nichelle’s few non-Uhura feature film roles, which is a shame because her scenes in Turner play like Greek Tragedy or Shakespeare meets Blaxploitation.   Truck Turner isn’t high art, it isn’t even a top Blaxploitation film, but it features a great ensemble cast of character actors and is way more fun than most films of its type, not to mention an absolutely top-end soundtrack.

Other Choices:  You could always watch Star Trek.

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