June 8th, 2011: Brain Damage

What It’s About: Brian (Rick Hearst) is just an average New Yorker until an eldritch parasite named Aylmer (John Zacherle) sneaks out of his next door neighbors’ apartment and attaches itself to his cerebellum.  Aylmer offers Brian ecstatic highs, but a price:  Brian must provide Aylmer with brains, preferably human, to eat.

Why Watch it Today?: Today is World Brain Tumor day.  It might be a stretch to call Aylmer a tumor, but as I’ve yet to see Kindergarten Cop an unnatural living growth that takes over the hero’s life will have to do.  Brain Damage is another one of maverick filmmaker Frank Henenlotter’s 42nd Street cult favorites, shot on a tiny budget in the grimiest grime of 1980s New York City, and with his usual flair for making trashy anxiety pieces with a wicked sense of humor.

Where to Get It: Amazon

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