June 9th, 2011: Midnight Madness (1980)

Cast and Crew:   Stephen Furst, Eddie Deezen, Paul Reubens

What It’s About: Big Nerd on Campus and planner of games Leon (Alan Solomon) creates his greatest challenge yet:  an all night scavenger hunt which pits five teams, denoted by color, against one another.  The teams roughly divide into the “good guys”, rich kids who cheat, jocks, sorority girl feminists and nerds.  Who will win the hunt and what hijinks will result from Leon’s Midnight Madness?

Why Watch it Today?: Although Dr. Pepper spokesman (“I’m a Pepper!”) and future American Werewolf David Naughton is the star of the film, the fame of the actor playing his kid brother would outstrip Naughton’s.  That actor is Michael J. Fox, born today in 1961.  Although he doesn’t completely outshine Naughton, Fox  is more memorable and appealing than the bulk of the cast, even though he saves the day with a retainer.

Midnight Madness is an odd but fun attempt by Disney to break into the teen film market.  Amaze yourself with the spectacle of a film that makes teams of college students getting loaded on a trip to the Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery seem squeaky clean! Nostalgic fun for those who saw it during its days as a cable TV staple.

Where to Get It:  Netflix (Rental only) or Amazon

No trailer, but clips for the film where teams find out they’re going to the PBR brewery.  Hipsters, Disney was into PBR before it was mainstream (or is that when it was still mainstream, the first time, and, a related question, does this make the Disney company itself a hipster?)!

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