December 24th, 2014: Tokyo Godfathers (2003)


Cast and Crew: Satoshi Kon (Director, Writer); Shôgo Furuya (Director); Keiko Nobumoto (Writer); Tôru Emori, Yoshiaki Umegaki, Aya Okamoto, and Shôzô Iizuka

What It’s About: A trio of homeless people find a baby and decide to find its family. If they hope to succeed, they’ll all have to come to terms with their pasts.

Why Watch It Today?: The action of the movie takes place on the night of December 24th, Christmas Eve. Though superficially unconventional, the Christmas motifs (a child and 3 “kings”) and strong emphases on family, acceptance, forgiveness, and redemption make it a classic Christmas film.

Other Options: Die Hard, The Apartment, White Christmas

2 comments on “December 24th, 2014: Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

  1. T.A. Gerolami says:

    I saw this years ago and don’t really remember it anymore-maybe next Christmas I will do a double feature of this with John Ford’s Three Godfathers.

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