October 23rd, 2014 – Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)


8 more days ’till Halloween!

Cast and Crew: Tommy Lee Wallace (Director/Writer); Tom Atkins, Stacey Nelkin, Dan O’Herlihy, and Michael Currie

What It’s About: Halloween is approaching, and the company Silver Shamrock is dominating the costume market through the clever means of constantly reminding everyone how many days are left until Halloween. That’s not all that company owner Conal Cochran has in mind, as he plans a big surprise on All Hollows Eve for all the children who watch his announcement while wearing their Silver Shamrock masks.

Why Watch It Today?: The movie opens on October 23rd, with a pursued man clutching a Silver Shamrock mask. As a commercial helpfully points out, there are only 8 more days until Halloween!

Other Options: The Wizard, The Brain From Planet Arous

2 comments on “October 23rd, 2014 – Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

  1. […] Professor’s Fall Journal, October 1st:  The season of the witch is upon us. Silver Shamrock time.  Now that I have your attention with the horrors of that […]

  2. […] Halloween III: Season of the Witch:  1982.  After Halloween II made money ($70 million in 2020 dollars), but not as much money, Carpenter and company got to make what they’d hope to do in 1981-a non-Myers entry.  The concept of a series of horror films called Halloween, released every year in October, unrelated except by the name, might actually work these days-though maybe only as a prestige TV mini-series.  In 1982 it didn’t do as well at the box office ($37 million in 2020 dollars) but it made it’s money back.  At the time fans were confused and annoyed that Myers wasn’t back, and it was six years before Halloween 4. Over the years it gained a reputation as one of the better sequels (#4 by Rotten Tomatoes’s scale, but still only 42% fresh), particularly among people who appreciate it’s supernatural, apocalyptic horrors over the slasher film thrills of the first two films. Do I think it is any good?  I rated it lower than most of the rest of the films in 2004 but like Halloween II (1981) it features most of the same team behind the camera as the original film.  Dean Cundey is still the Cinematographer, Tommy Lee Wallace, editor of Halloween, is now the director and writer, Carpenter and Debra Hill are again producers.  For another, I love it’s lead, Tom Atkins, who could only ever have been a lead (with his grouchy dad looks and manner) in the early 80s.  Mostly I just enjoy that they tried something different and didn’t further twist, bend and break the magic of the first film. […]

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