January 28th, 2012: Foxy Brown

Cast and Crew:  Willie Hutch (Score); Antonio Fargas, Peter Brown, Sid Haig, Harry Halcombe, Bob Minor, H.B. Haggerty, Jon Cedar

What It’s About: When even a face change via plastic surgery fails to save her cop boyfriend (Terry Carter) from the narcotics and prostitution ring he was working against, Foxy Brown (Pam Grier) springs into action, bringing them down from the inside.

Why Watch it Today?:  Today is Writer/Director Jack Hill’s birthday.  Jack Hill was one of AIP and New World Pictures premier exploitation film directors, turning out unforgettably trashy movies like last year’s Movie of the Day Coffy, The Big Bird Cage, and Switchblade Sisters.  Whereas other alumni of Roger Corman and AIP’s “film school” went on to become well-known A-list filmmakers, Hill never seemed to get the break he needed and eventually dropped out of the motion picture business entirely.  While one wonders what films he would have made if things worked out differently, at least we can treasure the delightfully over-the-top films he made for New World Pictures and AIP.

Where to Get It: Amazon, iTunes or Netflix

One of the most hilarious “White Guy going over the top with Jive talk” trailers of all time:

6 comments on “January 28th, 2012: Foxy Brown

  1. sakara says:

    1970s aip r-rated drive-in movies were never as trashy as today’s big budget respectable movies.

    too bad nerd tarintino didnt tell pam to lose some weight, so she could be shown in one last nude scene.

    • professormortis says:

      Give me some examples-I don’t think I agree with you on that. In any case, Jack Hill (at least in comedy mode) exploitation films are much more gleeful and honest about being trashy.

      I don’t think a “last nude” scene would improve that film at all. I love Grier and Forester’s performances and characters and I don’t see how a nude scene would improve anything. I’m glad that Tarantino didn’t “tell her to lose weight”. Why should she have? The film made her character into a shabby yet glamorous character that felt more real than what you usually get in a crime film.

  2. Anonymous says:

    THE EXORCIST was trashy fun; I remember high school kids laughing at the vomit scenes; and now every other movie seems to have a vomit scene. THE SOPRANOS kid taking a dump in shower scene. the n-word of martin score sleazy (as johnny legend refers to him) movies, and other movies with n-word LAST TANGO made maria schneider the…butt…of jokes—that was even mentioned in her obituary, with director Bertolucci having apologized to her. Sam Arkoff’s drive-in movies were very sedate in comparison.

    It wasn’t Pam Grier’s acting that got teen boys to her drive-in movies. And then there’s the political correctness in which a Jessica Love Hewitt or Jessica Simpson is mocked for being a mere 20 lbs over weight.

    • professormortis says:

      Well, the AIP stuff overall, especially pre-1970s was tame in comparison to the things you mention: I was more thinking of Hill’s Women in Prison movies shot for New World and his work here, which features eye gouging via coat hangers, a gun held in an afro wig, castrated member floating in a pickle jar, etc., etc. Sure, these things went mainstream, as it were, but other than The Sopranos, the films you’re referencing are the same decade as this one.

      So Pam Grier got a name for going nude. Big deal. That’s never been the main reason I like her, and I enjoy that Tarantino gave her a great part that didn’t require nudity. That isn’t political correctness, it’s straight up sexism, and I don’t see any reason why I should agree with it, or why a woman 20 years older than they are should also be expected to match them, particularly in a role where she’s playing a slightly over-the-hill stewardess making ends meet by working with a crime lord.

      • sakara says:

        SOMETHING ABOUT MARY had the ejaculation on hair scene…TEAM AMERICA more vomit…the climatic sex scene of REQUIM FOR A DREAM…KILL BILL gore meant for fun, not neo-realism—people involved with these movies have been given more respect than anybody from aip, even though it was mostly teens who saw these trashy movies.

        and 60-something (?) sophia loren still looked hot in GRUMPIER OLD MEN, compared to younger grier.

  3. […] the old days…and it just happened to be happen on the 7th, the same day that we went to see Foxy Brown at Harvard Film Archive with Pam Grier and Henry Louis Gates speaking afterwards two years ago.  […]

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