March 15th, 2012: The Mist (2007)

Cast and Crew:  Frank Darabont (Director, Screenplay, Producer); Bob and Harvey Weinstein and Richard Saperstein (Executive Producers); Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, Laurie Holden, Andre Braugher, Toby Jones, William Sadler, Jeffery DeMunn, Frances Sternhagen, Chris Owen

What It’s About:  An intense storm is followed by an all-encompassing mist with something inside it that kills.  Residents of a small town are trapped inside a supermarket within the mist and must decide whether to fight or flee-and who to follow.

Why Watch it Today?: Maine entered the Union today in 1820 as the 23rd state.  Previously administered as a province of Massachusetts, Maine’s statehood kept the balance of slave to free states. Thanks to the author of the story that is the basis of today’s film, Stephen King, Maine became synonymous with horror in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and today’s film is one of the best recent horror films made from King’s work.

Where to Get ItYour local library; Amazon or iTunes; Rent at YouTube; Netflix (DVD only)

2 comments on “March 15th, 2012: The Mist (2007)

  1. theelderj says:

    Professor, as a native of King’s state, I must object to this association.

    Actually, I take that back. Mainers are generally pleased with this association. Take moxie, lobsters and lighthouses and you have everything you need.

    I haven’t seen this movie, but I did read the short story and it remains one of King’s most vivid in my mind.

    • professormortis says:

      Clearly I need to read the story (I haven’t, though my brother and sister’s discussions of it in hushed, “that was fucking awesomely scary” tones haunted my imagination for years) and you need to watch the film, though I know of at least one other Mainer who loathed it, so maybe not.

      I’m jealous of your state. The only associations I know we have is with wealth, provincialism, and, thanks to Ang Lee, key parties. Well, I guess we export terrible presidential candidates who never get any traction, too.

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