June 5th, 2012: Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster aka Godzilla vs. Hedora

Cast and Crew: Samuel Z. Arkoff, Tomoyuki Tanaka (Executive Producers); Takeshi Kimura (Co-Writer)

What It’s About: Hedora, a monster created from man’s pollution of the Earth, threatens Japan.  Will even Godzilla’s might be enough to defeat it?

Why Watch it Today?: Today is the 40th World Environment Day, a UN event first held in India in 1972.  Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster was made in the wake of the same wave of ecological concern that resulted in the creation of events like Earth Day and World Environment Day, though one may question why Godzilla, himself a mutation caused by radioactive fallout, defends against Earth’s pollution with atomic breath.  If you have time to consider that in the thick of the trippy weirdness that is the eccentric, first (and thus far only) Godzilla film from writer/director Yoshimitsu Banno, you’re a better film nerd than I.

Where to Get It:Netflix (DVD)

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