June 6th, 2012: Targets (1968)

Cast and Crew: Peter Bogdanovich (Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Actor); Samuel Fuller (Uncredited Co-Screenwriter); Roger Corman (Executive Producer); Laszlo Kovacs (Director of Photography); Frank Marshall, Mike Farrell, “The Real” Don Steele

What It’s About: Bobby Thompson (Tim O’Kelly) is a Vietnam vet who is moving slowly but deliberately towards becoming a mass murderer.  Byron Orlok (Boris Karloff) is an aging horror star who is appearing in one last film despite his feeling that the everyday terror of the modern world eclipses that of his films.  The two stories climax at Orlok’s promotional appearance at a drive-in.

Why Watch it Today?: The first drive-in theater opened today in 1933, and Targets contains one of the most memorable scenes set in a drive-in.

Where to Get It: Amazon and iTunes; Netflix (DVD)

2 comments on “June 6th, 2012: Targets (1968)

  1. retrozombi says:

    I’ve never even heard of this! Thanks!

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