October 9th, 2012: Cronos (1993)

What It’s About: An antiques dealer (Federico Luppi) stumbles upon a long-lost alchemical device that grants its user renewed life and vigor-but at a terrible price.

Why Watch it Today?:  Writer/Director Guillermo Del Toro turns 48 todayCronos was Del Toro’s first feature film, which featured some of the recurring themes of his films:  relationships between family members of differing ages, children in peril, clockwork mechanisms, the supernatural, and monsters, as well as future Hellboy star Ron Perlman.

Other ChoicesThe Devil’s Backbone

2 comments on “October 9th, 2012: Cronos (1993)

  1. Wasn’t impressed by the trailer. Didn’t realize it was his first film.

    • professormortis says:

      It’s been years (10? 15?) but I really enjoyed this when I saw it. Of course it is low budget, but I felt it was a good variation on the vampire story, and Perlman is great in it.

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