October 13th, 2012: El ataque de los muertos sin ojos aka The Return of the Evil Dead aka Return of the Blind Dead

What It’s About:  American fireworks man Jack Marlowe (Tony Kendall) is in a little town in Spain to help the locals celebrate the anniversary of the destruction of the heart eating, blood drinking Templars that once plagued them.  500 years earlier, the townsfolk surrounded the Templars, burning out their eyes and then burning them at the stake. Murdo (José Canalejas), the town freak, sacrifices a girl to bring the Templars back from beyond the grave. When the celebration begins to wind down, the resurrected Templar’s moldering skeletons arrive on horseback. Men of action Howard (Frank Bana) and Marlowe organize the townsfolk to fight back with fireworks and whatever other instruments they can muster, but the attempts fail.  A few survivors manage to boarding themselves in the town church.  Can they hold out long enough to defeat the Blind Dead?

Why Watch it Today?: The Knights Templar were arrested  705 years ago today.  We at the League caution our readers to think twice before sacrificing anyone to revive the Knights; as shown in all four of Amando de Ossorio’s Blind Dead films, they treat those they meet rather poorly; but if you do, remember…don’t scream….

Other Choices:  While today’s film is a fun entry in the series, and certainly an inspiration for John Carpenter’s The Fog, Tombs of the Blind Dead, featured last year, is even better.

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