October 12th, 2012: I Married a Witch

Cast and Crew:  Rene Clair (Director); Preston Sturges (Producer)

What It’s About:  Wallace Wooley (Frederic March) is an up and coming politician who’s about to marry the wrong woman (Susan Hayward), thanks to a curse placed on his family in 1672 by two witches his ancestor burned at the stake.  When a lightning bolt frees the spirits of Jennifer (Veronica Lake) and her father Daniel (Cecil Kellaway), Jennifer takes a personal interest in ruining the latest Wooley’s life…only even the plans of spirits sometimes go wrong….

Why Watch it Today?:  Governor William Phips signed the order that ended the Salem Witch Trials on this date in 1692.  While I Married a Witch is not a good history of the affair (for starters, none of the accused were burned, they were hung or pressed to death, and it didn’t happen in 1672), it is a seasonally appropriate fantasy/screwball comedy, with Lake at her most appealing.

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