November 15th, 2012: Monkey Hu$tle

Cast and Crew:   Arthur Marks (Director); Rosalind Cash

What It’s About: Daddy Foxx (Yaphet Kotto) teaches his young students the art of the con, and eventually they all come together (along with a cameo-ing Rudy Ray Moore as hustler Goldie) to save the neighborhood from a highway development project.

Why Watch it Today?:   Star Yaphet Kotto turns 73 today.  One of the great character actors of his generation, Kotto is someone who I never tire of seeing on the screen, who has never given a bad performance, and is often, as here, the best part of the movies he’s in, including this film, which never comes together despite a strong performance from Kotto.

Here’s a clip of Daddy Foxx running one of his scams:

Other Choices:  Kotto is a vital part of the excellent casts of both  Alien and Across 110th Street.

Mo Rating for Movember:  Although the main characters are moustache less, Rudy Ray Moore sports his usual sweet 1970s ‘stache.  4 out of 5 Mos:

“This is the charity attraction that will put you in traction!”

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