November 14th, 2012: She (1982)

Cast and Crew:   H. Rider Haggard (Novel)

What It’s About: She (Sandahl Bergman), a goddess of her people in a post-apocalyptic nightmare world, aids two brothers in their quest to find their kidnapped sister.

Why Watch it Today?:   Bergman, perhaps best known as Conan‘s warrior queen, turns 61 today.  Bergman was a dancer turned actress, and her lead parts after Conan were few and far between, but this absolutely bonkers Italian fantasy/post-apocalypse knock-off really has to be seen to be believed.  Who knows, you may even be inspired to remake it on Super 8, as my older brother’s friends were back in the 80s.

No trailer, but a sample of the glory that is She!

Mo Rating for Movember:  The leads do not have Mos, but some of the incidental characters do, and they are, like everything else in She, gloriously terrible.  4 out of 5 Mos:

You just have to see it; trying to explain is no good.

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