February 17th, 2013: Slaughter (1972)


Cast and Crew: Samuel Z. Arkoff (Executive Producer); Luchi De Jesus (Score); Stella Stevens

What It’s About: Slaughter (Jim Brown) is an ex-Green Beret whose father is executed by mobster “Hoffo” (Rip Torn)-I can only assume his brothers are Harpo, Chico and Groucho-because he knows too much about the mob’s new punch-card operated computer system, which has somehow revolutionized crime (how this occurs is unclear, as are the exact nature of the crimes it has revolutionized). Slaughter finds out that the mobsters are flying out of the city on a plane, and immediately goes on the attack. He kills one mobster, but misses Hoffo, who manages to escape. In his crazed assault, Slaughter destroys ledgers that racist T-man Price (Cameron Mitchell) has been tracking for years. Price gives him a deal-go down to Mexico and get the location of the mob’s computer banks, and Slaughter can walk. Two agents-Kim (Marlene Clark) and Harry (Don Gordon)-are assigned to work with Slaughter.  Can Slaughter find the computers and Hoffo?

Why Watch It Today?:   Jim Brown turns 77 years old today.  While Brown had more mainstream film roles than many other Blaxpo leading men, his Blaxpo films were among the most violent and racially charged, and Slaughter, which features Rip Torn as one of the sleaziest and most racist mobster antagonists in the history of the genre, which is really saying something, is no exception.

Other Choices:  Black Gunn, Three the Hard Way, Mars Attacks!, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, and The Dirty Dozen

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