January 6th, 2011: 3 Godfathers (1948)

3 Godfathers

Cast and Crew:   John Ford (Director); Merian C. Cooper (Producer); John Wayne, Ben Johnson, Harry Carey Jr., Guy Kibbee, Jane Darwell, Pedro Armendáriz, Ward Bond, Hank Worden,

What It’s About: Three desperadoes rob Welcome, Arizona’s bank and escape into the desert.  The posse guards the nearest water supplies, forcing the bank robbers to a remote watering hole.  There they help a pregnant woman give birth to a son.  Before she dies, she swears the men to protect him and raise her son as their own-to be his 3 Godfathers.  Can they get the baby to New Jerusalem before their limited water supplies run out?

Why Watch it Today?: Today is Epiphany, the last day of Christmas, and the day when the Three Kings arrived bearing gifts.  3 Godfathers occurs near and on Christmas, and refers to the Three Kings story, but it is also a solid Western.  Read the full review.

Where to Get ItYour local library, Netflix (rental only), iTunes or buy it at Amazon.com

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