January 14th, 2011: Mystery Team

Cast and Crew: Derrick Comedy

What It’s About: The Mystery Team were a trio of kid crime solvers,now grown up and a joke to everyone over the age of 7.  When a distraught little girl asks them to solve a real murder case, can they redeem themselves?

Why Watch it Today?: 3-2-1 Contact, whose Bloodhound Gang segment featured a trio of teens solving crimes (with SCIENCE!) premiered today in 1980.   Mystery Team is an often dead-on send up of the “kid detective” sub-genre (including The Bloodhound Gang and Encyclopedia Brown) with a game cast lead by Community‘s Donald Glover.  Mystery Team is particularly satisfying if you were the kind of kid that thought Encyclopedia Brown was an ass.

Where to Get It:   Netflix (rental only), iTunes, or  Amazon


3-2-1 Contact theme

Blood Hound Gang:  The Case of the Thing in the Trunk Pt. 1 (forgot I had a crush on Vikki Allen):

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