February 8th, 2011: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Cast and Crew:  Lawrence Kasdan (Screenplay); George Lucas (Story); Paul Freeman, Denholm Elliott, Alfred Molina,

What It’s About: When U.S. intelligence learns Hitler is searching for the Ark of the Covenant, they recruit globe-trotting archaeologist/adventurer Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) to find it first.  Can Indy and his allies Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) and Sallah (John Rhys-Davies) survive long enough to find the Ark and wrest it from the Nazis?

Why Watch it Today?: Composer John Williams, most known for his collaborations with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, was born today in 1932.  Why not celebrate by watching what is arguably the best adventure film ever made, and which features Williams’ instantly recognizable score.

Where to Get It:  Netflix (Rental only) or your local library, or Amazon.com


2 comments on “February 8th, 2011: Raiders of the Lost Ark

  1. romang01 says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

  2. […] the “prequel” functions of this film in a much shorter time.  I kept thinking about Raiders of the Lost Ark (referencing it in dialogue didn’t help gentlemen), which has six, and if we’re being […]

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