March 3rd, 2011: Idiocracy

Cast and Crew:    Dax Shepard, David Herman, Robert Musgrave, Justin Long, Andrew Wilson, Scarface, Thomas Hayden Church,

What It’s About: Army library assistant Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson) is selected by the U.S. Army to participate in a suspended animation experiment because he is exactly average in all aspects, along with prostitute Rita (Maya Rudolph).  When the experiment is forgotten, the pair lay in suspended animation for five hundred years, until 2505, when a garbage avalanche frees them.  Joe discovers that in humanity’s nightmarish future, the removal of natural selection allowed the stupid to out-breed the intelligent, resulting in a Wrestler-in-Chief named Camacho (Terry Crews), the most successful film of the year Ass (featuring a close up of a man’s butt farting for 2 hours), water replaced with an energy drink called Brawndo, and nearly everything broken down or about to.

Why Watch it Today?: Joe and Rita awake on March 3rd, 2505. Idiocracy is imperfect, but an entertaining satire from Mike Judge-read the full review here.

Where to Get It: Your local library, Netflix (Rental only), iTunes, or Amazon

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