June 12th, 2011: Empire of the Ants

Cast and Crew: H.G. Wells (Story); Robert Lansing, Robert Pine, Pamela Susan Shoop

What It’s About: Scam artist Marilyn Fryser’s (Joan Collins) latest attempt to rook buyers with a fake real estate development in the Everglades goes horribly wrong when toxic waste dumped off shore results in an army of enormous, intelligent ants.

Why Watch it Today?: It’s Carpenter Ant Awareness Week (no, I don’t make this stuff up), so let Bert I. Gordon’s late period ecological disaster/sci-fi monster film imbue you with the proper paranoia, or help you laugh off the bill your exterminator will charge to get rid of these pests.

Where to Get It:   Netflix (Instant Watch only) or Amazon

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