June 26th, 2011: Batman (1966)

Cast and Crew:  Lee Meriwether, Burgess Meredith, Cesar Romero, Frank Gorshin, Alan Napier, Reginald Denny

What It’s About:  When his greatest villains combine forces to dehydrate the 9 members of the Security Council of the United World organization, it’s up to Batman (Adam West) and his faithful ward Robin (Burt Ward) to save the day.

Why Watch it Today?: The United World is a thinly veiled parody of the United Nations, whose charter was signed today in 1945.  Batman is the goofy 1960s Batman at his best, with his best villains and ten times your recommended daily allowance of camp.

Where to Get It: Libraries, Netflix, or Amazon

4 comments on “June 26th, 2011: Batman (1966)

  1. shmoo says:

    Burt Ward, right?

  2. David DeMoss says:

    Aww, man, and I’ve had this staring at me from my self for weeks now. What a perfect opportunity to be topical, now missed. Ah, well. Guess there’s nothing to do now but buy an LA-class sub off Navy surplus and try to take over the world.

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