August 21st, 2011: Harold and Maude

Cast and Crew:  Hal Ashby (Director); Colin Higgins (Writer/Producer); Cat Stevens (Soundtrack); Tom Skerritt

What It’s About: Harold (Bud Court) is a young man obsessed with death who attends funerals and stages elaborate mock suicides to get out of the dates his overbearing, eccentric mother Mrs. Chasen (Vivian Pickles) sets up for him.  Harold meets Maude (Ruth Gordon), a free spirit in her 70s, at a funeral.  The pair begin a strange romance.

Why Watch it Today?: Today is Senior Citizen’s Day, and Maude is one of the most celebratory seniors in film.  She is  not only wise, but also full of life, much more so than the depressed Harold.

Where to Get It:  Watch online at Amazon, iTunes, or Netflix, Libraries

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