September 2nd, 2011: Key Largo

Cast and Crew: John Huston (Director); Maxwell Anderson (Play); Richard Brooks (Adaptation); Max Steiner (Score); Karl Freund (Cinematographer); Claire Trevor

What It’s About: Frank McCloud (Humphrey Bogart) goes to pay his respects to the widow (Lauren Bacall) and father (Lionel Barrymore) of a friend he had during the war. Unfortunately for all three, the hotel the Temples run is invaded by a gangster (Edward G. Robinson) and his cronies, who are seeking shelter from a coming hurricane.

Why Watch it Today?: A powerful hurricane hit the Florida Keys today on Labor Day in 1935, an event that surely helped inspire today’s film, which remains an exciting thriller with a great cast and a rare pairing of Edward G. Robinson with Humphrey Bogart.

Where to Get It: iTunes, Netflix (rental), Libraries

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