September 5th, 2011: The Wages of Fear

Cast and Crew:  Henri-Georges Clouzot (Director, Screenwriter); Yves Montand, Vera Clouzot, Charles Vanel, Peter van Eyck

What It’s About: Expatriates in a South American village accept the incredibly dangerous job of transporting truckloads of nitroglycerin on terrible roads in aging trucks without safety equipment.

Why Watch it Today?: Today is Labor Day, the holiday begun by American labor unions to honor America’s working class and their contributions to the country.  These days it’s mostly an excuse for to cook outdoors before the end of summer, but The Wages of Fear is an excellent film that honors the original meaning, and one of the all time great suspense films to boot.  It takes some time to get going, but once it does it is nerve-wracking.

Where to Get It:  Watch online at Netflix or HuluPlus, Amazon

One comment on “September 5th, 2011: The Wages of Fear

  1. sakara says:

    a million times better than the remake, william freidkan’s SORCERER.

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