October 3rd, 2011: The Room (2003)

What It’s About: Johnny (Tommy Wiseau) lives with his “Future Bride” Lisa (Juliette Danielle), who is tired of their going nowhere relationship. Her solution is to sleep with Johnny’s best friend Mark (Greg Sestero). Mark resists Lisa’s attempts at seduction ever-so-briefly before giving in. Meanwhile, Johnny obliviously continues with preparations for the wedding while only dimly suspecting the truth. Everything comes to a head at the birthday party Lisa throws Johnny.

Why Watch it Today?: Writer, director, star, executive producer, producer and distributor Tommy Wiseau was born today in 1955.  The Room is currently Wiseau’s only feature, a bizarre look into what happens when one man with the money to make his own movie and pay to have it theatrically distribute it chooses to tell a very straight forward if misogynistic story in the most simplistic and ham handed way possible.  Tommy throws in enough non sequitur moments to make us realize that he does not quite walk on the same ground we do, putting him in the “elite” ranks of outsider, “so bad it’s good” auteurs like Coleman Francis, Edward Wood Jr., and Duke Mitchell.  The Room has become a big hit on the Midnight Movie circuit.  Every fan of bad movies owes themselves a viewing.

Where to Get It:  Netflix (Rental only) or Amazon

One comment on “October 3rd, 2011: The Room (2003)

  1. Oh, hai, League of Dead Films…so, how’s your sex life?

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