October 19th, 2011: Petey Wheatstraw

Cast and Crew:  Cliff Roquemore (Director/Writer); Jimmy Lynch, Wildman Steve

What It’s About: After goons sent by his rivals Leroy (Leroy Daniels) and Skillet (Ernest Mayhand) gun him down, comedian and night club owner Petey Wheatstraw (Rudy Ray Moore) meets Lucipher (G. Tito Shaw), who offers him a second life chance at life.  The catch?  Petey will need to marry Lucipher’s hideous daughter.  Can Petey outwit the devil himself or will he spend eternity as the devil’s son-in-law?

Why Watch it Today?: Cult comedian, actor, singer and self-proclaimed inventor of rap, Rudy Ray Moore, died today in 2008Petey Wheatstraw was comedian Rudy Ray Moore’s third film, adding the supernatural to his usual comedy crime films.  How much you enjoy it will depend largely if you find gags like Lucifer having a business card with a misprint on it and WTF? moments like Petey’s birth being preceded by a watermelon, not to mention Mr. Moore’s own raucous sense of humor, amusing.

Where to Get It:  Amazon

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