November 3rd, 2011: From Noon Til Three

Cast and Crew: Elmer Bernstein (Score)

What It’s About: Graham Dorsey (Charles Bronson) is a member of a minor gang of bank robbers. He dreams about an ambush on his next job that wipes out his gang.  When his horse gives out, Dorsey uses the opportunity to stay at the house of widow Amanda Starbuck (Jill Ireland).  Dorsey seduces Starbuck and plans to use her knowledge and connections as a banker’s widow to move to Boston and become a banker himself.  Dorsey fools her into thinking he is attempting to rescue his compatriots, planning to return.  Dorsey is arrested after he switches identities with a fraudulent dentist and the posse finds and hangs the dentist.  The townsfolk scorn Starbuck for committing adultery with a criminal until she gives a stirring speech defending their love. An author hears her story, and together they write a book. The book becomes a best seller, then a play, and words are written for the song that Dorsey and Starbuck waltzed to and the combination is a great hit. When Dorsey gets out of prison will he be able to convince anyone he is the legendary Graham Dorsey of book, song, and stage, and will Amanda Starbuck acknowledge him?  Will the legend replace the man, and can Dorsey take it if it does?

Why Watch it Today?: Today is Charles Bronson’s birthday; were he still alive he would be 90 years old.  We’ve already featured some excellent Charles Bronson films as the Movie of the Day, including Once Upon a Time in the West, Death Hunt, The Dirty Dozen, and The Mechanic.  Instead of going with another of Bronson’s well-known films, such as The Great Escape or Death Wish, watch this rather odd Comedy/Western that takes a 90 degree turn in its surreal last third.  Although From Noon Till Three is not one of Bronson’s best films, it is one of his strangest, putting him in situations outside of his usual “look bad ass and kill a bunch of people” mode, and features his wife and frequent screen partner Jill Ireland in a most unusual relationship.  Drench yourself in some Mandom, trim that sweet mustache, and raise a glass to the anniversary of the birth of one of the screen’s greatest  bad asses, and enjoy the strangeness.

Where to Get It: Watch online at iTunes or Vudu or rent it at Netflix

The Trailer

Mo Rating for Movember: Charles Bronson has one of the all time great mustaches, and by great we mean “terrible in a compelling way”.  5 out of 5 Mos

Just look at that thing:

One comment on “November 3rd, 2011: From Noon Til Three

  1. sakara says:

    bronson really ruined his career, forcing film makers to include jill ireland in his movies….though if that made him happy….

    and jill used to be married to the guy from THE MAN FROM UNCLE; whatever his name.

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