November 27th, 2011: Enter the Dragon (1973)

Cast and Crew: Raymond Chow (Associate Producer); Lalo Schifrin (Score); John Saxon, Robert Wall, Angela Mao, Bolo Yeung

What It’s About: Lee (Bruce Lee) infiltrates the martial arts tournament of crime lord Han (Kien Shih), a renegade from Lee’s Shaolin Temple.  Lee is working on the behalf of an agency seeking to stop Han’s drug dealing and white slavery operations, but he has a personal reason as well:  Han’s men killed his sister.  Can Lee bring down Han?

Why Watch it Today?: Bruce Lee was born today in 1940.  Although many would argue Lee’s earlier films were his best, Enter the Dragon was the film that made him a star in the United States and ignited the martial arts film craze of the  mid 1970s.  It is also a highly entertaining (if now extremely formulaic, in no small part due to director Robert Clouse essentially remaking it several times) romp with memorable dialogue and a fun supporting performance by Jim Kelly.

Where to Get It: iTunes, Netflix and Vudu or YouTube

Mo Rating for Movember:  The only Mo present is that of Braithwaite, the man who sends Lee out to infiltrate the tournament.  Since it’s so awesome/ridiculous, I’m giving the film 2 out of 5 Mos.

"If you put a moustache on a pale British bureaucrat, the man becomes the moustache. You must be the moustache"

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