January 21st, 2012: The Children (1980)

Cast and Crew: Harry Manfredini (Score)

What It’s About:  A school bus drives through a radioactive cloud released from a malfunctioning nuclear power plant, transforming the children inside into zombie like creatures with the hugs that kill.  Can anyone stop The Children?

Why Watch it Today?:  Today is National Hugging Day, an event that screams out for the kind of ridiculous parody that only a low-budget horror film about  nuclear children that kill with hugs can provide.  Here’s our full review if you’re still on the fence.

Where to Get It:  Rent it at Amazon, iTunes or Vudu, or watch it free at Hulu:

Other Choices:  The U.S.S. Nautilus was launched today in 1954.  Why not watch 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in its honor?

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