February 7th, 2012: The Vampire Lovers (1970)

Cast and Crew:  Roy Ward Baker (Director)

What It’s About:  A mysterious woman (Ingrid Pitt) arrives at the house of one noble family after another, leading to the slow wasting away of the daughters of the house.  General von Spielsdorf (Peter Cushing) seeks the aid of Baron Joachim von Hartog (Douglas Wilmer) to end the work of this woman he believes is a vampire.

Why Watch it Today?:   Sheriden Le Fanu, the author of Carmilla, the book upon which today’s movie was based, died today in 1873The Vampire Lovers is one of Hammer’s more interesting late period films, less for the attempt to spice up their offerings with some nudity and gore than for its embrace of vampire lore outside of the standard film version of the legends.

Where to Get It: Watch it at Netflix

Other Choices:  Another British import, The Beatles, first arrived in the States today in 1964.  Last year we recommended A Hard Day’s Night.

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