March 26th, 2012: Brief Encounter (1945)

Cast and Crew:  David Lean (Director)

What It’s About:  Laura Jesson (Ceila Johnson), a middle-aged, middle class English woman, meets a very nice, middle-aged doctor named Alec Harvey (Trevor Howard) while on her weekly shopping trip. The two are attracted to each other immediately and being a quiet affair on Thursday afternoons. There is only one problem-both are reasonably happily married and have children, and neither wants to give up their normal life…

Why Watch it Today?:  Dramatist, actor, writer, composer, lyricist, painter, and wit Noel Coward died today in 1973.  Coward produced Brief Encounter and wrote the play it is based on. Brief Encounter is an excellent and strangely hopeful while still thoroughly heartbreaking romantic drama.

Where to Get It: Amazon, Netflix, Vudu or your local library

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