April 16th, 2012: The Circus (1928)

What It’s About:  The Tramp (Charles Chaplin) finds himself at a circus, where he becomes and accidental star and falls in love with the owner’s daughter (Merna Kennedy), but a rival comes to the circus in the form of Rex (Harry Crocker), a tight rope walker.

Why Watch it Today?:  Silent film mega star Charles Chaplin was born today in 1889.  Though other Chaplin movies are more well-known and better regarded, The Circus is special to me, since it was the first of his films I saw in a theater, and, like all Chaplin films, it’s an excellent comedy, winning him a special Oscar in 1928 for his versatility.  Chaplin starred, wrote, produced, directed, scored, and edited the film.

Where to Get It: Watch it at Hulu Plus or Netflix (DVD)

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