May 15th, 2012: Fantasia (1940)

Cast and Crew:  Walt Disney (Producer); Leopold Stokowski (Music); Deems Taylor (Narrator); Mickey Mouse (Sorcerer’s Apprentice)

What It’s About: Eight animated shorts presented with an orchestral soundtrack.

Why Watch it Today?: Mickey Mouse made his debut on this date in 1928 with a silent short called Plane Crazy. The short would be re-released after the success of Steamboat Willy with a new soundtrack added on.

Where to Get It: Amazon Instant Video or VUDU, Netflix (Rental Only), or your local library.

One comment on “May 15th, 2012: Fantasia (1940)

  1. […] and showed the kids The Old Mill.  The Old Mill is most interesting as a precursor to both Fantasia (in that Disney was seeking to marry music to images to produce moods at a higher level than simply […]

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