August 18th, 2012: Road House (1989)

Cast and Crew:   Joel Silver (Producer);  Michael Kamen (Score); Dean Cundey (Cinematography); Kelly Lynch, Sam Elliot, Red West, Jeff Healey, Kevin Tighe, John Doe, Keith David

What It’s About:  In a world where the right bouncer can determine your bar’s success or failure, where bouncers are mystical warriors with a code, and where Ben Gazzara can hold a town hostage largely by regulating their access to honkey tonks, Dalton (Patrick Swayze) is hired to tame the unruly crowd at the Double Deuce.

Why Watch it Today?: Patrick Swayze would have turned 60 today.  Road House numbers among the most beloved cult movies from Swayze, a dancer turned god of cheesy movies.

Other Choices: Steel Dawn, Red Dawn, Donnie Darko

2 comments on “August 18th, 2012: Road House (1989)

  1. retrozombi says:

    I am eternally charmed by this big dumb flick.

    • professormortis says:

      You know, to be completely honest, I need to see it again-I haven’t seen it all the way through in 20 years.

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