November 8th, 2012: Sahara (1943)

Cast and Crew:  Humphrey Bogart, J. Carrol Naish, Lloyd Bridges, Rex Ingram Dan Duryea

What It’s About: A rag-tag group of soldiers defends a dry oasis in the desert from the Nazis in hopes of buying their retreating comrades time.

Why Watch it Today?: Operation Torch, a combined Allied invasion of North Africa, began today in 1942.  Although Sahara occurs prior to Operation Torch, it was made in 1943 to cash in on the propaganda value of the Allied victory, and focuses on the idea of the various Allied nations putting aside their national and ethnic differences to defeat the Axis.  It is also hilariously, deliciously over-the-top.

No trailer, but a clip which includes Naish’s improbably Oscar-nominated performance as an Italian POW.

Mo Rating for Movember:  A good portion of the Allied troops sport moustaches, but it’s J. Carrol Naish’s Oscar nominated Mo that bumps this up to a 4 Mo movie:

“I can’t believe you only givea me a 4 Mo! This isa 6 Mo at least!”

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