Changes in 2013

David Cole and I have written Movie of the Day entries for the last two years, over 700 entries.  When I started the project, it was 2010, and when I published the first Movie of the Day, The Thin Man, I was two months ahead in my Movie of the Day entries.  I started falling behind fast enough that I accepted David’s offer to become my “God-Damned Partner!” by July of 2011.  Even with two of us writing Movie of the Days, we’re starting to run up against some problems:  we’ve often featured the movies that first spring to mind on any particular day already, we’re running out of good reasons to feature movies, and the sheer time commitment.

This year, therefore, we’re going to try some new things.  While we won’t quit doing Movies of the Day altogether, there won’t be a Movie of the Day every day.  We’ll have Movies of the Day when we have good ideas, movies we’d like to showcase, and, most often, movies that occur on that particular day.  We’re also going to repeat some of the movies that we’ve featured in the past that occur on a particular date, as it was the original reason I started doing the Movie of the Day in the first place! We’re hoping that with less entries to write we’ll be able to offer up an occasional review again (remember when we wrote those?), as well as some posts about movies that are neither reviews or Movies of the Day (what a concept!).  Who knows, maybe we’ll even make some lists.

We appreciate all of our readers (we especially like when you comment, hint, hint), and we hope that you’ll stick with us.  Here’s to a great 2013!

2 comments on “Changes in 2013

  1. Harry Mulford says:

    You people have been doing an incredible job. Your work is greatly appreciated by me, anyway.

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