More than I bargained for…

I’ve got a goddamned partner!

My oh so imaginatively named project this year, the Movie of the Day, is going well-we’re nearly through seven months, readership is up, complaints are nil.  It’s also, quite frankly, a lot more work than I expected it to be, and I can see a time, not too far off, where there’s going to be days that are pretty hard to schedule without re-using films or breaking my rules (features only, has to be a movie I’ve seen and would, on some level, recommend).  That’s where my new partner comes in.

David Cole has been one of my biggest supporters from when I first had my idea, and he kindly offered to join my “staff”.  Not sure what the split will look like next year, or if we’ll be moving the MotD feature to its own blog, or (gasp) coming up with a better name, but starting next month David will write some entries in addition to the brainstorming, design, and promotional advice he’s been contributing to the project since day one.  Welcome David aboard, and, for a taste of his writing, you can check out the work he has done over the years for Infendo, a Nintendo fansite, and his blog I AM THE LOOP.

2 comments on “More than I bargained for…

  1. eddoctorwho says:

    Which one of you is Jet Jaguar?

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