April 21st, 2013: The Fog (1980)

Cast and Crew: Dean Cundey (Cinematographer); Rob Bottin (Special Effects); John Houseman, Charles Cyphers, Nancy Kyes, Hal Holbrook, George “Buck” Flower, Darwin Joston

What It’s About: It’s the centenary of Antonio Bay and Kathy Williams (Janet Leigh) is busily planning the celebrations, but the spirits approaching the town in an eerie fog bank are bent on vengeance.  Can Antonio Bay’s new radio DJ Stevie Wayne (Adrienne Barbeau), local fisherman Nick Castle (Tom Atkins) and hitchhiker Elizabeth Solley (Jamie Lee Curtis) unravel Antonio Bay’s century old dark secret before it’s too late?

Why Watch It Today?:   The town’s anniversary celebrations fall on April 21st and the time and date figure very prominently in the film.  So much so that for years whenever I watched it, I would say to myself “I should write that date down and make sure I watch it on 4/21 next year!” and then I’d always forget, leading me to put it on my calendar, then to think “hmm, what if I did a calendar with a movie for each day?”.

The Fog is a wonderfully atmospheric (if a bit uneven) combination of ghost story and slasher film from director John Carpenter, co-writing once again with his Halloween partner Debra Hill.

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