July 27th, 2013: The Gamers

The Gamers

What It’s About:   The adventures of a college gaming group-both in and out of game.

Why Watch it Today?:  Gary “Dungeons and Dragons” Gygax, perhaps the man more responsible than any other for wasting hours and hours of my time over the years, was born on this date in 1938.  The Gamers is as affectionate (and accurate) depiction of what a long running role-playing game is like as you’ll ever see.

Other Choices:  Skullduggery, on the other hand, is very far from the actual experience of playing a role-playing game, even if it contains a vague approximation of one.

3 comments on “July 27th, 2013: The Gamers

  1. shmoo says:

    You seem trustworthy…

  2. Loved this Blog and post and are now following also hoping you follow us too . Great Stuff here we will be watching and reading

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