October 14th, 2013: The Resurrected aka Shatterbrain (1992)

Cast and Crew:  H.P. Lovecraft (Novel); Richard Band (Score); Robert Romanus, Deep Roy

What It’s About: Claire Ward (Jane Sibbett) hires private detective John March (John Terry) to find out what her husband Charles Dexter (Chris Sarandon) is up to and why he seems to have changed after inheriting an old house in rural Rhode Island.  Will March find out what’s going on in time to save Ward…or himself?

Why Watch it Today?: A raid against dark arts practitioner Jospeh Curwen was conducted on this date in colonial times, as we learn in a flash back prompted by reading Charles Dexter Ward’s ancestor’s diary.  The Resurrected can’t completely escape the constraints of its budget, or its troubled production history (director Dan O’Bannon disowned it after the producers shot new footage without his permission), but at its best the film is an excellent adaptation of Lovecraft, creating the same sense of dread and of investigations into a past better left alone in a New England setting.

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