October 19th, 2013: Shock Waves (1977)

Shock Waves

Cast and Crew: Ken Wiederhorn (Director); John Kent Harrison, Ken Pare, and Ken Wiederhorn (Writers); Peter Cushing, Brooke Adams, Fred Buch, John Carradine

What It’s About: A small boat crashes into a wreck up off the coast of a remote island that harbors a bizarre remnant of the Nazi military — zombies!

In most respects it’s an awful movie, but two things can make it worthwhile to some viewers. First is Peter Cushing’s role as the German officer watching over the undead soldiers. Always the trooper, he does his best in the few scenes he’s given. The other great thing about the movie is the zombies. There’s some good underwater footage, and the scenes of corpses rising from the water are so excellent that they’re shown repeatedly.

Why Watch It Today?: By signing a bill that took effect on this date in 1951, President Truman officially ended the United States’ state of war with Germany. Someone forgot to tell the Nazi underwater zombie unit.

Other Choices: The Constant Gardener, Petey Wheatstraw

(Editor’s Note:  This is our first post from new writer Sean the Atomic Zombie (aka retrozombi), who you may know from The Web of the Big Damn Spider (All big spider movies!  All the time!) or from Tales of the Atomic Zombie (All whatever Sean is writing about! All the time!).  I know Sean from our shared time at the old B-Movie Message Board and from B-Fest, the 24 hour B/Bad Movie Marathon that’s held in Evanston, Illinois in late January.  My most vivid memory is from B-Fest 2008, when Sean had the (mis?)fortune of sitting next to myself and a friend I brought with me from New England who proceeded to use and reuse the same inside jokes we brought with us.  He paid me back with a terrible cold.  I’m looking forward to some choices from Sean that will make my usual choices seem pedestrian!)

One comment on “October 19th, 2013: Shock Waves (1977)

  1. geelw says:

    Oh, yeah… THIS movie, heh. I didn’t see this one in a theater, but caught it later chopped to bits on network TV, then on tape later a few too many times. Yup, it’s not so good other than Cushing slumming so well and those creepy underwater sequences. I’d watch it on a double feature with The Keep just to have at least a decent-looking second part of that bill. I didn’t much care for that film either, but at least it’s much better made and still fun to watch.

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