November 2nd, 2013: Carnival of Souls (1962)

Carnival of Souls

What It’s About:  After a tragic car accident, Mary Henry (Candace Hilligloss) moves to a new town, and takes a new job as a church organist.  Wherever she goes, she sees a pale ghoul of a man (Herk Harvey) that no one else can see, and she feels drawn to an abandoned carnival.

Why Watch it Today?: Today is All Souls Day, a commemoration of the faithful departed members of the Church…and a way to help free those in Purgatory with prayers and Masses.  To say more about why the film fits the day would be to verge into spoilers territory.  Carnival of Souls is a great low-budget horror film made, like Night of the Living Dead, independently by Herk Harvey, an industrial, educational and documentary filmmaker.  Carnival of Souls was well remembered from its time on the drive-in circuit and on late night airings on TV that eventually transformed it into a cult favorite and saved it from obscurity.

The trailer:

The film:

2 comments on “November 2nd, 2013: Carnival of Souls (1962)

  1. GW says:

    Heh. This one’s like an old pair of jeans you can’t toss out but are also too far gone to repair any longer. You wear them around the house but not outside and anytime someone comes over, they want to try them on and keep wanting to buy them from you. Or something like that.

    Have you seen Harvey’s wild work safety film short “Shake Hands With Danger” on YouTube or other spots online? If not, go look it up and prepare to fall off something onto something.

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