January 1st, 2013: The President’s Analyst

The President's Analyst

Cast and Crew: Lalo Schiffrin (Score); Barry McGuire, William Daniels, Pat Harrington Jr., Arte Johnson, Will Geer, Hank Worden, Dyanne Thorne, Soon-Tek Oh

What It’s About: Dr. Sidney Schaefer (James Coburn) is surprised and honored to be chosen to be the President’s analyst…that is, until the pressure of constant surveillance and intrigue leads him to go on the lam.  Spies from every nation in the world are soon in hot pursuit.

Why Watch it Today?: One of the most infamous monopolies in American history, that of “Ma” Bell, ended today in 1984 as part of the settlement of an anti-trust suit.  The Phone Company plays a major role in today’s film, a testament to a time when it was ubiquitous and powerful.  The President’s Analyst is a solid spoof of both espionage films and the politics of the 60s, with an excellent supporting cast led by Godfrey Cambridge and Severn Darden as the American and Soviet agents trying to bring Shaefer in from the cold.

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