January 20th, 2014: Roman Holiday (1953)

Roman Holiday

Cast and Crew: William Wyler (Director); Dalton Trumbo (Screenplay); Edith Head (Costumes)

What It’s About:  Down-on-his-luck American reporter Joe Bradly (Gregory Peck) is stuck in Rome when circumstances drop a drugged Princess Ann (Audrey Hepburn) in his care. Once he figures out who she is, Bradley makes a deal with his boss-if he can get an exclusive interview with Ann, he’ll get 5000 dollars (with a little 500 dollar bet on the side), enough to get him out of debt and back to New York.  Bradley gets his photographer friend Irving Radovich (Eddie Albert), a Beatnik who shoots not only newspaper photos but “models”, to help him out by accompanying/following the pair and getting pictures. What follows is one of those whirlwind days you only get in the movies, with Bradley taking Ann wherever she wants to go in Rome.  Sparks fly between the pair-but can Princess Ann really break free of her duty? Will Bradley get his exclusive?  Will Princess Ann figure out that he’s really a reporter?

Why Watch it Today?: Audrey Hepburn died on this date in 1993.  Roman Holiday is an excellent romantic comedy that made Hepburn a star.

5 comments on “January 20th, 2014: Roman Holiday (1953)

  1. geelw says:

    I have to see this again, as it’s been years since and whenever I see the title, I think of this instead:

    Oh, yeah – you should back-date a post to replace poor Telly vanishing the other day. I shaved my head for that non-birthday! Okay, not really. I though you got hacked for a hot second until I saw the tweet that it was yanked.

    • T.A. Gerolami says:

      I think I’d blocked that one out, but I recall it being on very early in the morning somewhere on my dial growing up.

      Telly’s birthday is actually 1/21…so it’s back today! Seems when I was writing a bunch of these in advance I got dates screwed up.

  2. geelw says:

    Cool, now I can point to that Lisa post and people can stop asking me if I’m losing my hair. I vaguely recall The Roman Holidays disappearing fast and I just found out it only got a measly 13 episodes! I think that Flintstones vibe dried up by then, but I think it’s been rerun a few times since. I’m not up on Boomerang these days, but I used to see the weirdest stuff from my youth in the wee hours of the mornings on that channel…

    • T.A. Gerolami says:

      I think USA was running it when I was a kid…they had a show (Cartoon Express?) that ran a variety of old cartoons-Jabberjaw, Speed Buggy, the one with the talking motorcycles, Inch High Private Eye, Clue Club,and some of the classic Hanna Barbara ones. The other possibility was some of our local channels-I remember watching Samson and Goliath, Space Ghost, Johnny Quest, 60s Spiderman and Battle for the Planets at different times between 6 and 8 am Saturday mornings, before the network cartoons started up in the early 80s.

      Sorry if I made anyone think you were going senile!

      • geelw says:

        Ah, USA – I recally my younger brother watching Cartoon Express and cracking up because I think he thought those cartoons were “new” and I’d seen most or all of them. Oh, people don’t think I’m senile (yet). Crazy? Yep. That’s a given, given what comes from my head these days…

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