March 25th, 2014: Fido (2006)


Cast and Crew: Tim Blake Nelson

What It’s About:  In a world where a Night of the Living Dead-style zombie war was “won” by the humans, with the help of mega-corporation Zomcom, whose scientists figured out a way to “domesticate” zombies with control collars.  Zombies now provide the small number of surviving humans with a workforce so they can life a life of comfort akin to what one might see on any 1950s sitcom.  When Timmy Robinson (Kesun Loder) befriends his family’s new zombie (Billy Connolly) and christens him “Fido”, the trouble is just beginning…

Why Watch it Today?: Lassie went off the air on this date in 1973, after a 19 season run.  Fido is a wicked satire of 1950s mores and pop culture, including everything from Douglas Sirk movies to industrial films to sitcoms like Lassie, with great performances from Connolly and Dylan Baker and especially Carrie-Ann Moss as Timmy’s unhappily married parents.  


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