September 10th, 2014: Gyakushû! Satsujin Ken aka The Streetfigher’s Last Revenge

The Streetfigher's Last Revenge

What It’s About: Once again failure to pay anti-hero Terry Tsuguri results in Terry kicking everyone’s ass.  When will organized crime learn to just pay this guy?

Why Watch it Today?: Sonny Chiba was largely forgotten (in the United States, anyways) as another “also ran” in the attempt to find the next great martial arts movie actor after the death of Bruce Lee until Quentin Tarantino came along and gave Chiba and The Streetfighter a big boost by having the protagonist of True Romance watch this moving and sing Chiba’s praises in the film’s opening scene.  True Romance was released today in 1993.  The Streetfigher’s Last Revenge was Chiba’s last outing as Terry Tsuguri, and is generally considered the worst of the series for moving Terry from complete asshole to an asshole and for introducing some spy-fi elements, like Terry’s “rubber mask turns me into a different actor” technique and one of the bad guy’s laser.  If you can tolerate these changes it makes for a quite fun film with some excellent action.

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