December 9th, 2014: Serpico (1973)

Cast and Crew:  Sidney Lumet (Director); Peter Maas (Book); Dino De Laurentiis (Executive Producer); Mikis Theodrakiis (Score); M. Emmet Walsh, F. Murray Abraham, Judd Hirsch, Tony Lo Bianco, Tracey Walter

What It’s About: Serpico (Al Pacino) is a cop who won’t take bribes and desperately tries to find someone, anyone, who he can report the practice to, aided only by Bob Blair (Tony Roberts), a cop attached to the Mayor’s office. Serpico advances from beat cop to detective and undercover man, always being moved because his fellow officers do not like working with a man who will not take payments, ultimately paying a heavy price for his fight against corruption.

Why Watch it Today?: Today is International Anti-Corruption Day, set up by the UN to bring awareness to the fight to end bribery and corruption in all of its forms.  Serpico tells the real life story of a man who fought corruption at every turn with a powerhouse performance by Al Pacino in the title role.

2 comments on “December 9th, 2014: Serpico (1973)

  1. sakara says:

    this movie played at my hometown drive in with…TALES THAT WITNESSED MADNESS!

    peter maas more involved with this adaption than he was with VALACHI PAPERS, cause he hated what de leurentiis did with that adaption of his book.

    and in maas’ book, the real serpico believed in vigilante neighborhood watch groups!

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