February 19th, 2011: Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000

Cast and Crew:   John Travolta, Forest Whitaker

What It’s About: An alien race, the Psychlos runs a conquered Earth.  The Psychlos only goal is profit.  Humans are and endangered species and slaves of the Psychlos, helping them to strip Earth of all of its resources.  Some, however, live on the margins in hunter-gatherer tribes.  When Tyler (Barry Pepper) leaves his tribe to learn the truth of the world, he is captured.  With the aid of a Psychlo learning machine, Tyler gains the knowledge he needs to lead the people of Earth to freedom.

Why Watch it Today?: Today is the Scientology holiday of Narconon Day, which celebrates the founding of their drug rehab program.  What better way to celebrate a Scientology holiday than with a big budget film based on their founder’s novel and produced and starring one of Scientology’s most famous adherents.  That the film happens to be one of the worst films ever to receive a major release is merely icing on the cake.  Battlefield Earth is so-bad-it’s-good entertainment at its best.

Where to Get It:  Netflix or Amazon.com

The Trailer:

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