April 8th, 2011: Black Cat, White Cat

What It’s About: Young Zare Destanov (Florijan Ajdini) is placed in an arranged marriage by his father Matko (Bajram Severdzan) to pay off a debt he owes shifty gangster Dadan Karambolo (Srdjan Todorovic).  The only problem is, Zare wants to marry Ida (Branka Katic) not Dadan’s daughter Afrodita (Salija Ibraimova), who herself has some ideas about the man of her dreams.

Why Watch it Today?: Today is the International Day of the Roma, commemorating the first annual meeting of the Roma, the nomadic European people referred to outsiders as Gypsies.  Black Cat, White Cat features a largely Roma cast in what amounts to a modern-day fairy tale from Serbian director Emir Kusturica, a boisterous, funny, and ultimately heart warming fable of love conquering all, set to a wonderful soundtrack.

Where to Get It:  Amazon (DVD only)

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